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The Story of the Course for Leaders:

Understanding and Applying the Principles and Laws of the Torah to the World

Leadership is not merely external – the Torah teaches that leadership starts inside us – building ourselves with intellect, kindness, discipline, compassion, endurance, splendor, foundation and nobility.  Then our leadership extends to our intimate relationships – our spouse, our children, then outwards to our friends, our community and business spheres and to the world.  The Course for Leaders will take you through each of these steps becoming first and foremost a leader for yourself, someone you can count on and follow your own direction, and then a leader for others that look to you for guidance, inspiration, stability and success.

For thousands of years, the Jewish people have studied, taught and carried the Torah containing these teachings and laying the foundation of civilization.  Yet relentless persecution of the Jews meant that it was difficult enough to be a Jew, let alone to teach a non-Jew about the life and leadership meant for a Righteous Gentile.  In every generation discerning non-Jewish leaders sought out Jewish scholars asking to learn the teachings of the Torah, knowing that contained within them were the keys to personal and community leadership and the keys to life filled with love, hope and joy.

Now you have an opportunity to join the ranks of genuine leaders and learn these timeless teachings and secrets of life.  Now is when you need it, your family needs it, your business needs it, your community needs it.  And, the country and world needs it.  Profound leadership and courage taught by the Torah will replace the superficial leadership and chaos within and around us.

Can the world really shift from chaos and disconnect to a world of harmony envisioned by the Jewish prophets?  Both the individual world and the world as a whole?  We will also explore this question that has confounded mankind, explore the key non-Jewish proposed answers and show why the teachings of the Torah are the answer.

This is the only course of its kind and we intend to reach tens of thousands of people.

About the Course Leaders

In his rabbinic studies, Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith was struck by the wonder of the Torah teachings on leadership and a life connected to G-d and those around us and at the same time that world is waiting and eager for these practical teachings, waiting for the clarity and truth contained in the Torah. Rabbi Smith has intensely studied these truths and personally applied them in his own life. He has published two books on the teachings of the Torah applicable to non-Jews and delivered lectures and classes around the world on the subject. He is the Rabbi of a congregation and practices law. He lives with his wife and nine children in New Jersey.

Why now?

Here’s what Michael E. Gerber, World’s #1 Leadership and Small Business Guru and author of the best-selling E-myth Revisited and other business leadership books, has to say about the Course for Leaders and why it is so well-received now:

There is a dearth of profound leadership everywhere we look in our communities, our country and the world, including the economic tragedy that has overwhelmed us here (the richest country in the world!, with 16 trillion in debt, growing by the billions every single day) as well as in Europe and Africa, Asia, India, the Mid-East, all due to the incomprehensively superficial leadership we practice, as opposed to the profound. There is a crying need to learn the Course for Leaders Torah lessons in each and every one of us, as entrepreneurs, as business owners, as managers, as community leaders, as parents, and partners. People are hungry for it today, and the world is hungry for it today, and it is available through the wisdom found in Torah. Thus this Course for Leaders, the only course of its kind.

Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith

No Hebrew background is required. In fact, many of the course participants are not Jewish. We try to translate any Hebrew words we use and if you are not clear, please ask in the Q&A.